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For more info and/or to hear it, check out the Discography page.  If you wanna  purchase it, you can do so at any of these fine establishments:

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Yours Truly,

M Starxx

Teen Idol

mstarxx Michael Starks singer songwriter Quaint Delusions original music

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"We love this album from Quaint Delusions.  The band jams out on this eight-track collection to great effect...great tunes and melody that are both catchy and fun-loving at the same time."

- Lost In The Nordics

"Eight tracks of joyous melodies and sizzling guitar-work, vibrant drums, buoyant bass and well delivered vocals.  Bowie-esque balladry is on display in full force...a no brainer for fans of 90’s indie rock.  The production, delivery and songwriting is very well done.  I for one became a fan and think you will too after listening to this."

- Hollywood Digest

"I loved this album.  The musicianship is top notch, the delivery exceptional and the songwriting really good...uplifting and vibrant without going overboard...exuberant and infectious."

- Pitch Perfect

"These guys have a great sound and really nice songs!  So happy I discovered this album and I hope you will too!"

- RagMag

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