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Released January 20, 2024

Kevin DeHart – Drums 
Steve Dicks – Bass
Roger Hughes – Guitar, vocals 
David Lane – Lap steel, vocals 
Michael Starks – Vocals, keyboards

Written and produced by Michael Starks 
Recorded in the Dade City barn, Two Beagles Studio in Brooksville, Florida,

and Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida 

Mixed by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording

Mastered by B.J. Ramone at Morrisound Recording

Lite Brite SkyQuaint Delusions
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"In "Lite Bright Sky," Quaint Delusions not only maintains their signature style but also elevates it to new heights.  The lyrics shine, particularly when aligned with the thematic core.  Memorable lines stand out, showcasing the brilliance in the songwriting.  This single is undoubtedly a home run, and listeners are strongly encouraged to give it a spin."

- Pitch Perfect

"The vibe here is really chill and the dynamic creep.  One of the more interesting aspects of this song is its actual theme which is the first time I heard of anything like this.  I don’t even know how you think this up but it’s brilliant.  This was an easy song to appreciate and seeps into you in a meditative doesn’t force a soft and loud dynamic but instead nurtures the groove itself into something that feels alive and vibrant."

- Mesmerized

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