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LOADED (single)

Released February 10, 2024

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Kevin DeHart – Drums 
Steve Dicks – Guitar, bass
Roger Hughes – Guitar, vocals 
Michael Starks – Vocals, keyboards

Written and produced by Steve Dicks

and Michael Starks 

Recorded at Two Beagles Studio in Brooksville, Florida, in the Dade City barn, and Morrisound Recording in Tampa, Florida 


Mixed by Jim Morris at Morrisound Recording

Mastered by B.J. Ramone at Morrisound Recording

LoadedQuaint Delusions
00:00 / 02:30

"...a song that seamlessly blends lushness, mellowness, and ethereality...resonates with exceptional lyricism, encapsulating the fleeting nature of news cycles surrounding the disturbing surge in mass shootings.  The song maintains a consistent dynamic throughout, potentially mirroring the relentless cycle of tragedy that often precedes any meaningful action.  Beyond its musical allure, "Loaded" emerges as a poignant call to action, transcending the realms of melody and catchy hooks.  In essence, Quaint Delusions artfully intertwines awareness and musicality, navigating a space that extends far beyond melody."


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